LadyTips: Tips for Ladies

Hey guys- Check out this hilarious new webseries I’ve been producing and directing, LadyTips: Tips for Ladies, which you can check out hereLadyTips is a webseries parodying all of the ridiculous, impossible, and occasionally dangerous shit that ladies will do to achieve their dream of being airbrush-gorgeous and photoshop-thin. Starring the incredibly funny Carolyn Gilliam , this project has been a such a blast to work on and I’m super proud to be working with such a dynamic and creative time. Hope you like it!


Ovum – The Movie

Spent the day yesterday filming a scene with the brilliant Sonja O’Hara for her upcoming indie feature, Ovum. The film is a dark comedy about an off-beat young actress who will do anything for a part, who must give up a part of herself when her method acting exercise goes too far and she ends up selling her eggs.

Check out more about the film here!